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Whole Natural Heritage Pork

Sale price$360.00 Regular price$400.00


Introducing our Half and Whole Pigs! We’ve partnered with a Colorado family farm to provide you with Natural Heritage Pork. No antibiotics, no steroids, no added hormones.

Our pigs are a mix of Duroc, Berkshire, and Mangalitsa heritage breed pork. They are raised in Colorado with our same commitment to provide you with the healthiest protein options for your family’s dinner table.

Half and whole pig customers at Flying B enjoy the best value and greatest ability to customize their order, like how thick you want your steaks, what cuts you want, what roasts you want or which you want ground into sausage. And half and whole customers get all the bones and organ meat if they select them when we work with you on your cutting instructions. We will help walk you through the process of doing your cutting instructions, its easier than you think! While the weight is different for each animal, we estimate that each whole pig will be about 200 hanging lbs. This varies animal to animal and the hanging weight can vary as much as 15 pounds either way. PICK UP AT THE RANCH IN STRASBURG ONLY, NO DELIVERY AVAILABLE ON THIS ITEM.
Purchase Details

Whole Natural Heritage Pork
$6.25 per hanging pound
$400 Deposit
Butcher and Processing Fees: $250 per Whole Pig

Smoke and Cure Fee: $1.50/lb

Final Price will be approximately $1440 but vary based on actual hanging weight of the pig

Available for local pick up only at this time.

Make a Deposit:
Your deposit ensures that one of our pigs will be grown just for you. The total deposit will be applied to the final cost of the order.

What’s a Hanging Pound?
These prices are per “hanging pound”. Hanging weight is about 65 - 70% the weight of “live weight” or “on the hoof”). Packaged weight is about 60 - 65% of hanging weight depending on your custom cut instructions, like whether you cut bone in or not for example.

Butcher Costs:
You will also be responsible for paying the butcher costs at $230 per whole pig for butcher fees, but may vary. The processing fee includes the slaughter plant fee, the cost of the boxes and responsible disposal/reuse fee for the few unused parts of the pig.

Whole Natural Heritage Pork
Whole Natural Heritage Pork Sale price$360.00 Regular price$400.00