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Whole Grassfed Beef - JUNE pick up

Sale price$800.00


If beef is what’s for dinner at your house then this is for you! Many of our customers select a whole beef every year, whether its all for them, like we do in our family, or they are splitting it with another family, the whole beef is your very best value. Its our lowest price per pound package and it gives you complete control over what you want in your beef package. Like our half beef you get custom cutting automatically included with your beef package. And just like with the half beef we work with you hand in hand to help you decide what cuts you want and how you want them packaged. While the weight varies by animal, over the last number of years the average final packaged weight of a whole has been around 400 pounds of beef. The average hanging weight has been 600 pounds but again, this is different animal to animal and the hanging weight can vary as much as 200 pounds. PICK UP AT THE RANCH IN STRASBURG ONLY, NO DELIVERY AVAILABLE ON THIS ITEM.

Purchase Details

Whole Grassfed Beef
$6.25 per hanging pound
$800 Deposit
Butcher Fees: $1.00 per hanging pound plus $165 processing fee
Available for local pick up only at this time.
Whole Grassfed Beef - JUNE pick up
Whole Grassfed Beef - JUNE pick up Sale price$800.00