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Unseasoned Thick-Cut Beef Bacon

Product Weight: Multiple Sizes Available

Sale price$11.89
Try our all-new Unseasoned Beef Bacon! Beef Bacon is cut from the navel of the cow, which is similar to the belly of the pig that pork bacon comes from. Our beef bacon has a nice mix of fat and meat, that provides the best flavors of bacon with the delicious flavor of our beef. We've noted that it has a similar taste to brisket, and it's delicious with just salt and pepper or you can cure it yourself and smoke it for a perfect anytime meal! Better yet, wrap one of our beef tenderloin steaks with this bacon for the ultimate Filet Mignon!

This bacon is not cured or seasoned; it's just fresh thick-cut strips of pure beefy goodness. Each package includes approximately 1 lb of thick-cut beef bacon strips. Don't miss out on this tasty new treat!