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Natural Heritage Pork Breakfast Sausage

Product Weight: 1 - 1.2 lbs

Sale price$15.49
Packaged 1 lb. bulk sausage per package:

Made from only the best all natural ingredients and our Natural Heritage Pork, this breakfast sausage is great for any morning. Make patties for delicious breakfast sandwiches, or add them to your biscuits and gravy for a great start to the day!  Perfectly seasoned, not too much, not too little.  We worked for months to come up with just the right recipe, and here it is!  Cook them to medium rare for the best flavor.  Quick, easy and amazing. You've gotta try these, and check our our other flavors as well.  Grill on!

Our pork comes from Heritage breed pigs: Duroc, Berkshire, and Mangalitsa mix. No hormones, no antibiotics, no steroids, ever.