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Flat Iron Steak

Product Weight: Multiple Sizes Available

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The Flat Iron Steak has a deep, rich flavor which makes it perfect not only on its own but also as meat for many dishes. It's very similar to any of the flat steaks so any recipe calling for Skirt Steak or Flank Steak will be the perfect opportunity to try the Flat Iron. This cut is best grilled over a medium-high heat. Don't go as hot as possible unless you pick up a particularly thin cut. Because of the density of the meat, it is generally best to start with a quick sear before moving to a lower temperature to finish off to the desired cooling level.

The Flat Iron is somewhat similar in appearance and cooking method to the more well-known flank steak. For best results, we recommend a marinade to tenderize and highlight the great flavor, as well as being sure to cut against the muscle grain! (Note - the muscle grain on this great steak runs at a 45 degree angle, rather than the end-to-end that we're usually used to. Take note and care when slicing, you'll appreciate it!)

All orders will ship, vacuum sealed, frozen, from our Ranch in Strasburg, Colorado in a Styrofoam insulated box with dry ice. Orders will be delivered frozen or very cold to the touch, depending on the time in transit.

Flat Iron Steak
Flat Iron Steak Sale price$12.49