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Bottom Round Roast

Product Weight: Multiple Sizes Available

Sale price$35.66 Regular price$39.62
The Bottom Round Roast is moist and tender when braised and full of rich, beef flavor. The Top Round Roast, is leaner than its neighbor the Bottom Round Roast but just as tender and full of flavor. Try the recipe below! So Easy!!

Flying B Bar Ranch Pot Roast: Start this in the morning. Cut up a few cups of potatoes, carrots, onions, celery and any other veggies that sound good to you and put them in the bottom, yes the bottom of a crock pot, along with a cup or two of red wine, beer or whatever McCormick's roast mix packet you like. Then put a frozen roast on TOP of the veggies, yes on top! Pop the lid on, set it at low and don't mess with it till dinner time. When you come back to the house at 6 pm it will smell fantastic, and taste even better! So easy, and so delicious!

Bottom Round Roast
Bottom Round Roast Sale price$35.66 Regular price$39.62