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Premium Holiday Variety Gift Box

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Want to give yourself or a loved one the delicious gift of local Colorado beef? Look no further than this Premium Variety Gift Box. It has one of almost everything you could ask for!

Our beef is grass-fed and grass-finished on our pastures in Strasburg, CO using regenerative ranching methods. Our beef is prized for its health benefits, flavor, and marbling. Give the gift that keeps on giving: healthy, delicious beef. 

Box contains: 1x Premium Hot Dogs, 1x Beef Breakfast Sausage, 1x Holy Cow Spice Rub, 1x Top Round Roast, 1x Large NY Strip Steak, 1x Flank Steak, 1x Flat Iron Steak, 1x Short Ribs, 1x Burger Patties, and 1lb of Ground Beef.

Premium Holiday Variety Gift Box
Premium Holiday Variety Gift Box Sale price$191.49