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Pickle Brined Corned Beef

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Old fashioned pickle brined classic style corned beef, just like gramma used to make.  And will all due respect to the tough as leather Matriarch, this recipe is better.  Despite its name, corned beef has nothing to do with corn grains, we're 100% grass fed and finished for crying out loud!  Corned beef is made by pickling the brisket. Brine is made by simmering water and adding the kosher salt, sugar, curing salt, garlic, onion, bay leaves and other spices then simmering it.

Made from only the best all natural ingredients and Flying B Bar Ranch Grassfed Beef these corned beef is only around once in a rare while. Get it while you can! Made from only our grass fed beef, Brown sugar, black pepper, garlic, coriander, Chile de Arbol, Cinnamon, Allspice, Bay Leaf and sodium nitrate.  Sodium nitrite is a salt and an anti-oxidant that is used to cure meats like ham, bacon and hot dogs. Sodium nitrite serves a vital public health function: it blocks the growth of botulism-causing bacteria and prevents spoilage. Sodium nitrite also gives cured meats their characteristic color and flavor.

You've gotta try this, it won't be around for long! Our corned beef is fully cooked and can be stored in the fridge or freezer.  You can eat this right out of the package or add to your favorite corned beef and cabbage recipe!